Indoor Air Purification System

CFL+plus                                Hygienic Light Bulb

“Lighting the way towards Healthy Living!”

Don't cover up smells with an air freshener. Use CFL+plus to destroy lingering unpleasant odors and airborne micro-organisms (such as mold spores, pollen, viruses, bacteria and smoke) by ionizing these harmful pollutants on contact!

Travel Healthy! Breathe a little easier and take CFL+plus with you on vacation to effectively eliminate harmful pollutants and lingering odors in your hotel room. 

Our CFL+plus Hygienic Bulb uses ionic technology to charge the air with negative ions that eliminate odors, smoke, pollutants and airborne bacteria.

CFL+plus is an energy efficient, flicker-free cool light source that doesn’t make a sound while it continuously cleans the air. Best of all, it doesn’t require any expensive filters to clean or replace.
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